program-medicareWith prior approval from your GP, Medicare will cover $124.50 per 50-minute session when you see a clinical psychologist. This is the highest amount covered by Medicare and is available only for treatment with clinical psychologists (all clinicians at Clarity). Medicare covers 6-10 sessions, depending on your treatment needs.

Medicare processes the rebate directly to Clarity, so no lining up at Medicare required and no need to be out-of-pocket waiting for a rebate. You will only be required to pay the gap.

While Medicare provides significant help with the cost of treatment, it is not intended to cover the whole cost, nor should it dictate the limits of treatment. We understand that sometimes finances can restrict you from getting the help you need, so we charge less than the APS recommended rate.

Our psychologists sets reachable goals defined by ethical practice in a realistic time-frame.

Private Health Insurance:

Clients with private health insurance may be able to claim a rebate for their session. Please check with your insurance provider for applicable rates.

To find out more, download the fact sheet.