What to Expect in Therapy with a Psychologist

Work with Your Psychologist to Break Through the BarrierPeople’s experiences with their psychologist are not usually something they discuss and compare with their friends. As a result, it’s easy to feel a degree of hesitation or confusion regarding therapy. For many of us, film and TV depictions are all we have on which to base our expectations about psychologist services. Unfortunately, film and TV depictions of psychological therapy are often far removed from the reality of current-day therapy.

Effective psychological treatment requires an experienced clinical psychologist with the ability to understand and work together with clients. But a skilled and experienced psychologist alone is not enough for effective treatment. The treatment must be evidence-based. That is, it must be subject to years of the highest standard of scientific testing to be sure that it works effectively. Therefore, effective treatment is a healthy balance between evidence-based treatment and a skilled and experienced psychologist.

Effective therapy must also be transparent and collaborative. That is, the psychologist must work together with the client to set goals and make treatment gains. The process must be made clear to the client from the beginning. Usually therapy involves learning new skills to help you regulate your emotions and achieve your treatment goals. Effective therapy will be highly targeted and tailored to your individual needs. The clinical psychologists at Clarity are specialised in treating complex presentations. Regardless of whether you’re experiencing problems with depression and anxiety, or less common problems, our treating psychologists will be able to provide clarity and teach you the skills you need to manage them effectively.

Typical therapy sessions with a clinical psychologist last 50 minutes and usually take place once per week, depending on treatment need. Therapy sessions start after at least one session of assessment.

Our rooms are located centrally in Carlton. If you would like to make an appointment to meet with a clinical psychologist, you can contact us on 0402 846 790.